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Lynxes Records

The Andrew Bond Memorial Trophy

A. E. S. (Andrew) Bond (R 1955) was elected to the Lynxes in the year he left the school, where he had been a brilliant wicket keeper. In that same school season he assisted leg spinner John Townsend (CS 1956) in taking 58 wickets with a total of 29 victims (10 catches and 19 stumpings).

Andrew played for the Lynxes for over 35 years and was instrumental in introducing the fixture with The Racqueteers. His personal record is as follows:

84 Innings (7 not out), 1933 runs (9 scores of 50 or over; top score 83), Average 25.10

The records show he even bowled 4 overs (1 maiden) taking 1 wicket for 14 runs.

He sadly died in 2000 and the Lynxes decided to award a trophy in his name to the batsman scoring the most runs in the week. The Trophy is inscribed:

“Andrew Bond Memorial Trophy – Batting”

The winners of the trophy have been as follows:

2000 Jeremy Lawson -169 runs (Two 50’s)

2001 Paul Brenchley -137 runs (Two 50’s)

2002 Gary Marshall -193 runs (Two 50’s)

2003 Gary Marshall -177 runs (Two 50’s)

2004 Colin Barrett - 95 runs (One 50)

2005 Gary Marshall - 206 runs (One century, one 50)

2006 Max Taylor - 114 runs (One Century)

2007 Gary Marshall - 146 runs (One Century)

2008 Gary Marshall -189 runs (One 50)

2009 Hugh Alderwick -108 runs (One Century)

2010 Gary Marshall -151 runs (One 50)

2011 Gary Marshall -192 runs (Two 50’s)

2012 Finn Hulbert -111 runs (One 50)

2013 Nick Manser -107 runs (One Century)

2014 Wilf Andrews- 69 runs (One 50)

2015 Finn Hulbert - 93 runs (One 50)

2016 Joe Schindler - 64 runs (One 50)

2017 James Barron - 175 runs (One Century, one 50)

2018 Finn Hulbert 202 runs (One 100)

2019 Matt Luksich 215 runs (One 100)

2020 Not awarded

2021 Owen Dearn 90 runs (One 50)

2022 Finn Hulbert – 201 runs (Two 100)

Awarded to Owen Dearn after he made 90 runs over two innings. There were only 2 good innings against Fleet Street Exiles, 34 by Will Huish and an excellent 68 not out by Owen who made a quick 22 against the Wolverines.

The John Wybourn Cup

H.J. (Henry John) Wybourn (CR 1951) was elected to the Lynxes in 1952 and has been one of the club’s most loyal members. His playing career, principally as a bowler, was cut short by injury but he continued to be active in administrative roles for many years and he has never failed to attend the week as a knowledgeable and enthusiastic supporter. Henry’s playing record for the Lynxes is follows:

41 Innings (17 not out), 366 runs (1 score of 50 or over; top score 63*), Average 15.25, 176 Overs (41 maidens), 30 wickets for 498 runs (5 wickets or more once), Average 16.60

2003 the Lynxes decided to introduce a cup in his name to mark his 50 years of attending Lynxes week. In the Lynxes match versus the School the Captain of the losing side presents the cup to the Captain of the winning side.

The results have been as follows:

2004 School (won by 104 runs)

2005 Drawn

2006 Lynxes (won by 4 wickets).

2007 School (won by 1 wicket)

2008 Lynxes (won by 93 runs)

2009 School (won by 41 runs)

2010 School (won by 179 runs)

2011 School (won by 119 runs)

2012 School (won by 111 runs)

2013 School (won by 38 runs)

2014 School (won by 84 runs)

2015 School (won by 4 wickets)

2016 Lynxes (won by 184 runs)

2017 Lynxes (won by 141 runs)

2018 Lynxes (won by 17 runs)

2019 Lynxes (won by 166 runs)

2020 Not awarded

2021 School (won by 3 runs)

F.W.L.Evans Memorial Trophy

Frank Evans (“Joe”) was Master in charge of Cricket at the School for 31 years. He founded the Lynxes and was the Club’s President between 1947 and 1979.

In 1980 the Club presented a trophy his memory, to be played for in the Lynxes match versus Cranbrook Town.

This fixture was played on at home and away in alternate years from 1985 onwards, but in 2003 the fixture was dropped due to the difficulty in raising sides.

Since the Lynxes club was formed the overall record against Cranbrook Town has been as follows:

Played 46Won 23Drawn10Lost 13

Winners of the Trophy were as follows:

1980 Lynxes C.C.

1981 Match drawn

1982 Lynxes C.C.

1983 Match drawn

1984 Lynxes C.C.

1985 No play - rain

1986 Cranbrook C.C.

1987 Match abandoned - rain

1988 Lynxes C.C.

1989 Match drawn

1990 Cranbrook C.C.

1991 Cranbrook C.C.

1992 Lynxes C.C.

1993 Match drawn

1994 Lynxes C.C.

1995 Lynxes C.C.

1996 Lynxes C.C.

1997 Lynxes C.C.

1998 Lynxes C.C.

1999 Match rained off

2000 Match cancelled

2001 Lynxes C.C.

2002 Lynxes C.C.

2003 Cranbrook C.C.

The Bluemantles Tankard

After the game against the Bluemantles in 1997, a Tankard was presented by the opposing Captain, Peter Morris, to the Lynxes.

The Tankard is inscribed “ Presented to Cranbrook Lynxes by Bluemantles C.C. to celebrate their 50 th cricket week.

The first game between the two clubs was played in 1949 but the fixture was discontinued after 2004 due to the difficulty of raising sides.

The winners of the Tankard were as follows:

1997 Bluemantles C.C.

1998 Match not played

1999 Lynxes C.C.

2000 Lynxes C.C.

2001 Lynxes C.C.

2002 Lynxes C.C.

2003 Bluemantles C.C.

2004 Match Drawn

There have not been any matches since 2004.

The David Winterbottom Memorial Trophy

D.J. (David) Winterbottom (C 1959) was an incisive bowler, who never gave runs away easily, but by his own admission, he was a modest batsman and fielder. He only had one season in the School XI, but his record for the Lynxes is quite remarkable. David had one of the Club’s all time best bowling performances against the Old Suttonians in 1966 with the analysis of 17.9 overs 9 maidens 9 wickets for 26 runs. His overall record is as follows:

1047 Overs (281 maidens), 187 wickets for 2702 runs (5 wickets or more 11 times)Average 14.45, 47 Innings (12 not out) 216 runs(top score 46)Average 6.17

David was Honorary Secretary of the Lynxes between 1966 and 1974. He sadly committed suicide in1992. The Lynxes made a donation to the McMillan Cancer Relief Fund and in acknowledging this, his wife, Kaye, wrote “David would have been glad to know he was remembered by fellow Lynxes. The weeks he spent at Cranbrook in August were some of his happiest times and cricket was probably his greatest love”.

Following the wishes of his family, the Lynxes introduced a cup in his name to be awarded to the bowler taking the most wickets in the week.

Winners of the Trophy have been as follows:

1992 Jeff Jowers and John Marshall

1993 James Thompson and Tim Spelling

1994 Tim Spelling 9 wickets for 75 runs

1995 Tim Barlow 6 wickets for 47 runs

1996 James Thompson 10 wickets for 146 runs

1997 James Thompson 13 wickets for 171 runs

1998 James Thompson 13 wickets for 151 runs

1999 James Thompson 7 wickets for 100 runs

2000 James Thompson13 wickets for 211 runs

2001 Will Chuter 9 wickets for 121 runs

2002 Will Chuter 6 wickets for 76 runs

2003 Ollie Blaydon 6 wickets for 249 runs

2004 Tom Allen 7 wickets for 62 runs

2005 James Thompson7 wickets for 156 runs

2006 Tom Cullen 3 wickets for 66 runs

2007 Will Goulstone 3 wickets for 21 runs

2008 Gary Marshall 10 wickets for 148 runs

2009 Gary Marshall 8 wickets for 104 runs

2010 Hal Bedford-Cooper 5 wickets for 69 runs

2011 Max O’Collins 5 wickets for 51 runs

2012 Gary Marshall8 wickets for 86 runs

2013 Owen Dearn 5 wickets for 88 runs

2014 Jack Marshall 5 wickets for 108 runs

2015 Dave Lewis 7 wickets for 69 runs

2016 Simon Anthonisz 5 wickets for 67 runs

2017 Owen Dearn 9 wickets for 105 runs

2018 Joe Schindler - 4 wickets for 11 runs

2019 Will Huish - 5 wickets for 30 runs

2020 Not awarded

2021 Ed May - 7 wickets for 13 runs

2022 Owen Dearn – 8 wickets

Tim Barlow Fielding Trophy

Tim Barlow left the school in 1965 and the following year began many years of support for the Lynxes club. He has been one of the club’s highest performing all-rounders.

As a batsman, Tim is one of only 8 players to score more 1,500 runs for the club, which included four 50s and one century. As a highly qualified hockey coach he introduced a similar professional approach to the Lynxes when he was the first players to wear a helmet.

He was often teased about his bowling which was of the “flighted filth” variety, often delivered on Bigside out of the setting sun. Over 100 wickets tell a different story – one of very effective guile.

Tim also has the record for the highest number of catches taken by a non-wicketkeeper – 52.

So it is particularly fitting that in 2021 he generously donated a trophy to be awarded to the most accomplished fielder in the Lynxes week.

Previous Trophy Winners:

2021 Gary Marshall

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